What is Date a Double?

Date a Double is a premium dating site exclusively for Twins! You can find other sets of Twins that share your interests, and get to know them immediately!

Who is it for?

Date a Double is exclusively for Twins finding other Twins! Whether you’re fraternal or identical, you can find someone who is right for you! However, you must be 18 years or older to use our site

What can Date a Double do for you?

Has anyone ever told you how cool it would be if you dated another set of twins? Well that’s where we come in! We can help you find a set of twins that have the same interests as you!


Why are we unique?

Date a Double is the only dating site exclusively for Twins! You must be a twin to sign up, and you will only ever meet other twins. We’re dedicated to helping you find someone who shares your interests and understands the uniqueness of having a twin!